?Best Dog Related Mobile Phone Applications

?Best Dog Related Mobile Phone Applications

If you're looking for the best dog related mobile phone applications, then look no further! There are tons of benefits to these applications, including free or cheap prices. Here are a few of our favorites. 11Pets, Dog Breed Scanner, Dog Log, Whistle, and Whisper. If you can't decide which one to download, keep reading to learn more about these great apps. Hopefully you'll find one that suits your needs!


If you're a dog owner, you probably know how much of a hassle managing your pet can be. There are many things you need to keep track of, from vaccinations to medical records, and 11Pets can help. You can keep track of upcoming grooming appointments, weights, and more, all from one convenient app. The application is also useful for animal welfare organizations, since it helps keep medical data and health records in one central location. Besides tracking your pet's care, 11Pets allows you to collaborate with other members and share your data on the go.

The app has more than 60 features that make it a great companion for dog owners. This includes complete medical and veterinary records, automatic generation of adoption contracts, and web presence. It also includes a calendar, and is easily shared between devices. If you're worried about your pet's health, you can share your information with others via a shared link, which will make it easy for them to view it.

Dog Breed Scanner

Unlike traditional books, the Dog Breed Scanner mobile phone application does a complete canine scan and analyzes the resulting information. Available for free in the Android market, it helps users recognize more than 100 dog breeds. This application features an extensive database of information pertaining to the entire world's canines. Users can even upload photos of their pet dogs and share them to social networks to show other dog lovers.

The application also features a Pinch to Zoom feature and allows users to focus on a dog's facial features. It also features recognition of mixed and pure breeds. Users can also upload a photo of their dog to have a better idea of its breed. The app can also provide detailed information about the breed detected. The application's basic operation is simple and requires no technical knowledge. Dog breeds and other animal species can be accurately identified using the application.

The Dog Breed Scanner mobile phone application is free and easy to use, but it is also a valuable search engine. Users can search for a dog's breed, its history, and its physical attributes. The application is easy to use and comes in many languages. The application also offers the option to record a video for better recognition. The results are provided in a matter of seconds. Once you've found a dog you want to share, you can easily save the image and share it with your friends on social networks.

Dog Log

The DogLog mobile phone application helps pet owners keep track of their animals' health and schedules. This application not only stores your pets' vaccination records, weight, and other important information, but it can also create reminders for you to give your dog medicine or make a vet visit. It can also share information with the people you care about, such as your veterinarian. DogLog is available for free on iOS and Android. To learn more about this app, read on.

The app keeps track of all your dogs' activities and noises. This information is automatically synchronized across all paired devices, so you'll have an easier time understanding your dog's behavior. The app also lets you switch to background mode, which means it's always on, and you'll receive notifications when your dog's activity or noise is detected. You can then replay the noise to see how it sounds like to be at that particular time.


The Whistle dog related mobile phone application is an iOS app that provides answers to questions dog owners might ask themselves on a daily basis. It is available for both Android and iOS and many users open the app several times a day, all because they love their dogs. In fact, some owners even use Whistle to share photos of their dogs on social media. However, if you have a dog that you want to share pictures of, you should probably wait until the app comes out for Android.

One of the best features of the Whistle dog related mobile phone application is that it allows you to customize the sound and frequency of the whistle that your pet responds to. The app also allows you to save a custom frequency for specific tricks. Users can also choose the frequency of the whistle for the command series. Low frequency is best for right response while higher frequency is preferred for wrong response. Users can buy in-app purchases to customize the sound level of the whistle.

PetMD Symptom Checker

Downloading the free PetMD Symptom Checker mobile phone application is very easy. First of all, make sure you have a clean and virus-free PC. Once you have done that, you can start downloading the app and install it on your device. Use your favorite browser or file manager to download the application and then tap on its name to install it. If the installation doesn't begin, enable the installation from unknown sources. Then, you are all set!

Once you've downloaded the application, you can search through over 2,000 articles on various pet diseases. The app's easy-to-use interface makes searching through a variety of different symptoms quick and simple. Simply type in your pet's symptoms and you'll be directed to articles on a variety of conditions and treatments. The website encourages users to go beyond their pet's visible symptoms and research their pet's health in more depth.


iKibble is one of the most helpful dog related mobile phone applications. The app allows you to select different types of food for your dog, and it will let you know how much of each is healthy and nutritious for your pooch. In case your dog gets lost, you can use the app to create a digital flyer with the information you need to know to help you find him.

Another useful app is Dog Food Advisor, which lists safe human foods for your pet. The app has a health scale for each food item, ranking each one from safe to toxic. Once you know how toxic the food is for your dog, you can buy it in the store or make it at home. It also allows you to track your dog's vaccinations. You can also add notes on its vaccinations or deworming. Another feature is a community where you can connect with other dogs.

Apart from being helpful in finding a playmate, the app can help you socialize with your pet. It also helps you to train your pooch. The app includes a complete guide on food and training, as well as a series of exercises for training your dog. You can even keep a record of your pet's daily exercises. And it's available only in the Google Play store!

Pet Tunes Canine Music

When you want to calm your dog, play some tunes on your smartphone. Pet Tunes Canine Music by Pet Acoustics is an application that will let you do just that. The music is designed for the sensitive ear of canines, and is backed by veterinarians and clinically proven to help calm your dog. With the application, you can pair your mobile phone with your dog's headphones or Bluetooth speaker and enjoy music for your pet in seconds.

iCalmDog is an app loaded with piano music proven to relax dogs. It can be set to play continuously for five hours and is ideal for veterinary clinics and shelters. The music also streams from your phone, so it won't disturb your partner or your pets. It even comes with a speaker for your smartphone so you can listen to music anywhere. If you don't have a speaker or Bluetooth device, you can use your phone to play the music in your dog's room.

Google Maps

You've probably seen a lot of dog-related mobile phone applications, but do you know which ones really are effective? The answer is Google Maps. This is a popular map platform for mobile phone apps and websites, and a number of these applications use Google's own mapping service. Not only is it easy to embed, but it also offers a large database of locations, including those around your dog's favorite places.

Another great application is Waze, which is crowd-sourced, uses live community data, and has a more streamlined interface. While Google Maps has more options and features, Waze is more user-friendly and uses crowd-sourced information to predict road conditions. Waze's focus is on driver safety and ease of use, while Google Maps tracks roads. It's also useful for pedestrians, as you can save your favorite spots.