Chihuahua Meets Newborn Baby Sister
  • 29.06.2022
  • 13612

Milo the Chihuahua meets his newborn baby sister.

Chihuahua Wants More Kisses | The Dodo
  • 28.06.2022
  • 28929

The BLISS! The only issue I have with this video is it’s not long enough! I could watch this literally all day! 🥰

Yorkie defends the baby
  • 27.06.2022
  • 4403

Yes, I also have a Yorkshire, he does the same at night if he hears something or who speaks or a person, she barks during the day just because at night I slept inside

Tiny chihuahua puppy adorably teases sleepy American bulldog
  • 25.06.2022
  • 56735

This is way too cute! Watch as a tiny chihuahua plays around with a sleeping bulldog.

Yorkshire Terriers | Breed Judging
  • 24.06.2022
  • 11159

Yorkshire Terriers | Breed Judging 2021

Yorkie problems
  • 22.06.2022
  • 17823

The pawblem is that she's sooooo cute. OMG just wanna hold her, pet her, squeeze her. A million kisses.

Yorkie Puppy Timelapse: Newborn to 2 Weeks
  • 21.06.2022
  • 7577

My Yorkies had puppies two weeks ago and i filmed everyday since they were born, here is the timelapse from the day they were born to 2 weeks old

Toy Yorkie playing with his son
  • 19.06.2022
  • 6515

I have a 13 year old Yorkie Pooh who has the yorkie coloring but poodle curls so I call her a Porkie! This pup with the Dad is adorable 🥰

Dachshunds are digging on the beach.
  • 18.06.2022
  • 4158

Today we went to the Dunes of Goeree (in Stellendam). It's a beautiful beach. The water was low when we were there. The dogs are allowed off leash on the beach and on leash in the nature reserve.

Stray Dog Becomes The Biggest Foodie In LA | The Dodo
  • 17.06.2022
  • 1028

Stray Dog Becomes The Biggest Foodie In LA | Want this dog's life 🐶🍕🍰🥘🥑 You can keep up with Popeye and all of his adventures on Instagram, popeyethefoodie: Introducing Dodo swag!

Yorkshire terrier enjoy in hot day near the river.
  • 16.06.2022
  • 3149

Fetch, swimming, retrieve, Kevin the yorkie.

Yorkie's first time flying on a private jet!
  • 15.06.2022
  • 2734

Poppin bottles with the ice…like syzzurp…when we drink we do it right gettin scissored in my ride like who needs d1k now I’m feeling so fly like a G6 …like a G6 …LIKE A G6..N-NO-NA-N-NOW IM FEELIN SO FLY LIKE A G6!!

Chihuahua Meets Newborn Baby Sister
  • 14.06.2022
  • 35847

He presented the baby with his most precious possession to share, that dog is a winner.

Yorkie Soaking Up All of The Attention from Daddy
  • 13.06.2022
  • 2083

You have pretty Yorkies your so good to them. I bet they like to play with each alot. They bring alot of joy. Wonderful family here. You all have a blessed day.