Singing shih tzu
  • 06.10.2022
  • 1424

They are so adorable

Shih-Tzu Baby Cuddles and Kisses
  • 05.10.2022
  • 1985

Abba and Silas cuddling and sharing a moment while watching cartoons. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Shih Tzu Puppies Playing with Mom
  • 30.09.2022
  • 8000

This is adorable! Our shih tzu is due to give birth soon. We're so excited! I love how after your daughter went down the hallway and came back, the mother looked amiss and began looking for any missing pups. Beautiful!

Crazy Yorkie Puppies VS pink BALLOON
  • 26.09.2022
  • 11371

Hyper pups & a balloon, how long will it last? Their shock at the end is priceless

Two Yorkies have to share one bed
  • 22.09.2022
  • 6930

This is actually a new bed, and now they are fighting it out, who is allowed to lay in it. Eventually they share the same bed. They just love to cuddle up and take a nap together.

Yorkie Keeps 3-Year-Old Safe After Getting Lost in Missouri Cornfield Overnight
  • 21.09.2022
  • 4270

A mom called 911 after her daughter wandered into a massive cornfield. Timberlyn Merritt is a busy stay-at-home mom. Her three-year-old daughter, Remy, is always on the go, and her one-year-old Yorkie is never far behind. Merritt says she left Remy on the swing set for just a minute and when she came back out, Remy was gone, and so was their dog Heath. More than 100 people joined in the search, combing through the 8-foot high corn stalks. But Remy was not alone. Heath never left her side. #InsideEdition

Ferret and Yorkie play an adorable game of tag
  • 20.09.2022
  • 3604

Romchy the ferret and his Yorkie best friend are having the best time ever playing tag. Cuteness overload! @donnyyorkie

  • 19.09.2022
  • 1876

I love dogs but the cat's meow snatched my heart both are too adorable.

Funny Dogs Being Jerks Compilation - Funny Animal Videos
  • 18.09.2022
  • 626

This funny dogs being jerks compilation have some best funny dog fails, funny dog videos and try not to laugh videos. Enjoy this funny dog videos compilation. We have the funny, cute animal videos and we've put together a list that will make you laugh πŸ˜†. Let us know which video made you LOL the most!

Little Dog Given Months To Live Proves Everyone Wrong | The Dodo
  • 12.09.2022
  • 7420

Little Dog Given Months To Live Is Proving Everyone Wrong | When this puppy met his foster mom, he only had 6 months to live and could barely walk β€” look at him now! To help Nikki save more dogs, you can support Road Dogs and Rescue: Follow Monty and his family on Instagram:

Tiny Dog and Pigeon Form an Unlikely Friendship
  • 10.09.2022
  • 10929

It only took six weeks for a Chihuahua named Lundy and a pigeon named Herman to become the best of friends. The pair literally spend their days on top of each other. Lundy cannot walk and Herman cannot fly. Their similarity may have strengthened their bond.’s Stephanie Officer explains how the pair came to be and what the future may hold for the shelter pets. #InsideEdition

Cutest Yorkie Puppies Video Compilation
  • 07.09.2022
  • 4156

Just all the puppies are adorable.I love pups.β™₯️β™₯️🐢🐢

Best Of Cute Yorkie Puppies Compilation
  • 06.09.2022
  • 12392

I really can’t tolerate that much cuteness in my life. It would be cuddles, nose kisses, and ear rubs all day. 😊😊😊

Tips to Help Yorkie Get Over His Separation Anxiety
  • 05.09.2022
  • 2914

For this Santa Monica dog training session, we share tips to help 2 year-old Yorkie mix Cosmo get over his separation anxiety.